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2014 Field Practice Schedule

Attention Managers

Your field practice schedule is below. The time indicates when you may practice on the indicated field. If your assigned practice time does not fit with your particular schedule, feel free to contact another coach and try to swap time with them. Should another team be scheduled after you, please be considerate, and complete your practice in time to clear the field for the next team to use it.

Saturday April 12        
Bradley Field     Kinch Field  
6U     10U  
9am 2nd Ward Republic   9am Masioan
10am Babcock Law   10:30am Babcock Law
11am Dynamite   12 noon Labossierre
12 Noon PCU      
1pm Photography Assoc      
8U     12U  
2pm Gerry's   1:30pm Wagner
3pm 2nd Ward Republic   3pm open
4pm Ryan Family   4:30pm Potter
5pm Kinch Krushers      
Bailey Field        
9am Green Monsters      
11am Colson      
1pm Troiano      
3pm Potter      
Monday April 14        
Bradley Field     Kinch Field  
5:30pm 2nd Ward Republic 6U     Masoian
6:15pm Babcock Law      
  Green Monsters      
Tuesday April 15        
Bradley Field     Kinch Field  
5:30pm Dyanmite     Babcock Law 10U
6:15pm PCU      
Wednesday April 16        
Bradley Field     Kinch Field  
5:30pm Photography Assoc     Labossierre
6:15pm Gerry's 8U      
  Potter - Seniors      
Thursday April 17        
Bradley Field     Kinch Field  
5:30pm Ryan Family     Potter 12U
6:15pm Kinch Krushers      
Friday April 18        
Bradley Field     Kinch Field  
5:30pm 2nd Ward Republic 8U     Wagner
Bailey Field        
6:00pm Green Monsters      
7:00pm Troiano      



Attention Managers, Coaches and Scorekeepers

DGSL and RI ASA require all managers, coaches and scorekeepers to have a National Background Check performed before coachinig players. Below are the instructions for getting it done on-line. Background check only is $8.00, when having the check done with completion of a coaching training session, it is $20.00 total. Please forward a copy of the card with the background check on it to the league secretary, Mark Therrien.



To obtain either ACE certification or a background check:

  1. Login to www.registerasa.com
  2. Returning coaches can try their user name and password that they had last year, if it works, fine. If not you will need to create a new one.
  3. Coaches that have not yet completed Level 1 of ACE certification will also have to create a user name and password
  4. An e-mail will be sent to you from the national office resetting your user name and password, and then you will be able to get into the registerasa.com site. Once you have entered the site, you will need to select a coaching role so that you will be eligible for ACE certification
  5. Click the “purchase” link on your “personal steps” section of your “home plate” page.
  6. Read then agree to the background check
  7. As soon as your background check clears, you will have a link appear on your “personal steps” grid that will take you to the ACE certification test site.
  8. Click the ACE certification/background check link
  9. To activate your certification test click “complete now”
  10. If for some reason the ACE certification level that you have attained is incorrect, call 405-425-3459 and let the ACE administrator know.


Please note:

At least one coach on the coaching staff of a team that enters “championship play” must be ACE certified for the current year, all other adult personal that are in the dugout need to have a current year background check performed by the company that ASA has contracted with. The definition of ASA Championship play is:  State tournaments, regional tournaments, national qualifiers, and national tournaments. It is highly recommended that more than just one coach per team obtain ACE certification

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Saturday Apr 19, 2014
Field Clean Up
Monday Apr 21, 2014
Games Start
Saturday Apr 26, 2014
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Thursday May 1, 2014
USA Skating League Fundraiser
Monday May 5, 2014
Open Monthly League Meeting
Saturday May 10, 2014
DGSL Picture Day
Thursday May 29, 2014
Monday Jun 2, 2014
Open Monthly League Meeting
Monday Jul 28, 2014
Family Day/ Season Banquet
Monday Aug 4, 2014
Open Monthly League Meeting
Monday Sep 8, 2014
Open Monthly League Meeting
Monday Oct 6, 2014
Open Monthly League Meeting
Monday Nov 3, 2014
Open Monthly League Meeting