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Parents & Volunteers

Parental involvement and Volunteers are essential to the ongoing operations of the WGSA and the success that your daughter will experience in the WGSA program.  We need parent volunteers to assist with a variety of projects and events, please contact us at WGSA@wgsa.org.

It is critically important for parents to commit to practice at home with your daughter(s).  A minimum of twenty (20) minutes playing catch at home a couple times each week throughout the season is necessary for girls to show improvement and truly appreciate the game.  For pitchers, they need to practice pitching at home daily in order to improve and develop the necessary consistency.  Please commit to 20 minutes a couple days each week with your daughter.


Selecting Softball Equipment

Please see the Equipment Info Section.


Age Brackets

The WGSA and DuKane Girls Softball League adhere to the age brackets set by the Amatuer Softball Association of America (ASA).  The deliniation date is December 31st/January 1st for determining the age of a girl for the season.  Whatever the girl's age is on December 31st, that is her age bracket for the upcoming season.  Consequently some girls will find themselves seperated from a classmate or friend depending upon which side of January 1st their birthday is on.  It is unfortunate that some girls may become seperated from a friend, however, these brackets better align girls by physical development which contributes to both their safety and their overall enjoyment of softball.  Divisions are grouped in two-year brackets: Instructional ages 5 & 6, Juniors ages 7 & 8 (also known as 8U = 8 & Under), Minors ages 9 & 10 (10U), Majors ages 11 & 12 (12U), and Seniors ages 13 & 14 (14U).


Playing-up an Age Bracket

Experience has shown that players develop best and enjoy the game more if they are playing at the age appropriate level.  However, because the Amtuer Softball Association of America (ASA) deliniation date is January 1st some girls will find themselves seperated from their classmates or friends who have a birthday prior to Janaury 1st.  Consequently, we receive requests to Play-up a Division contrary to ASA regulations.  Although we discourage this practice we acknowledge that some few exceptionally talented players may benfit from Playing-up.  A policy has been established with impartial proceedures to identify those players who may qualify to play-up.  Play-up Policy

Scholarships - Financial Aid

The WGSA's philosophy is that no girl should be deprived of the opportunity to play softball because of the inability of her family to afford the Registration Fee.  However, the WGSA's ability to provide scholarships each season is determined by our ability to obtain sufficeint sponsorships to fund the scholarships.  We encourage parents in need of finacial assitance to assist us in recruiting sponsors (sponsorship pledge forms can be downloaded from the website under Sponsor Info).  Furthermore, we encorage every WGSA family to support our valued sponsors.

A family seeking a scholarship should register their daughter(s) prior to the registration deadline without fee payment.  Complete the Scholarship Application form and submit it in confidence to the Warrenville Park District (the WGSA does not see your application).  The Warrenville Park District will evaluate the request and advise the WGSA whether a partial or full scholarship is warranted.  Certification by the Park District does not guarantee that a scholarship will be provided.  Scholarships are awarded by the WGSA only as funds are available.



A concussion is a serious matter.  DuKane Girls Softball League rules specify that any player, coach, umpire or spectator who suspects that a player may be suffering the effects of a concussion must immediately bring it to the attentention of the coaches and umpires so that appropriate action can be taken.  Please read the Concussion Information Sheet.

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